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We build unique websites that bring high conversion. Your website is your online home in this modern era. A simple and informative presence of your business can help you to get and retain your customers. So, it’s the need of the hour to build your online home to start getting an abundance of sales.

Did You Know?

Stats show that 90% of your buyers don’t return to your business if you don’t have your own presence on the internet.

Our strategies to make your

website a lead generating goldmine


Market Discovery

Before diving into the website designing, we first research the target market, target audience and their requirements thoroughly. We also conduct a strong competitor analysis to understand understand their strategies. It gives us the complete understanding of how the website should be designed so that it gives the optimum result to our clients.


Prototype and Designing

To get the most out of the website we first make the wire frame. After setting the overall structure, functionality, and content of the project we make the UI design that determines the overall appearance and feel of the website. Using latest trends, animations, typography, animations, and best colors we create visually appealing websites.


Website Optimization

We don’t create websites for the sake of creating it. We create websites that rank on search engines and bring you traffic that will ultimately lead to sales. To make the happen we apply our SEO strategies. We increase the website’s visibility in various search engines using technical seo, on-page seo, off-page seo, seo content and the local seo.


Landing Page Tweaks

The landing page is a page that someone lands on after clicking on your ads. With killer copywriting and compelling Call To Action, we make the visitors stay on the page and take the action as you want them to.


Lucrative Copywriting

A visually appealing website will not make you sales unless and until you use persuasive copy writing on your website. Persuasive copy-writing compels the readers to take an action on your website that you want them to. Not only do we write sales-driven copy, we also write copies that include right keywords to drive the right traffic to your website.


Mobile Optimization

59.6% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. You will miss a lot of money on the table if you don’t make your website mobile friendly. We create websites that work seamlessly across all kinds of devices including phone. It makes the site much easier to navigate. We make the website’s user experience really well so that the mobile users don’t leave the website.

How can having

a website help your business?

Frequently Asked Questions

Website design is the design of the websites that are displayed on the internet. Your website is your online home through which your customers get to know you, purchase products or services from you, etc. It helps you spread your brand’s voice to the world.

Your website attracts lots of traffics when it ranks on the search engines. Once the traffic comes, they will come to know about your business and offers and they will contact you through the contact details that you have put on your website. It will lead to an increase in sales.

The answer is simple. If you don’t optimize you website, it will not rank on search engines which will decrease the traffic on your website. Most websites lack right keywords, persuading copy-writing, proper product information, etc due to which they are not able to convert the website visitors into customers.

Keywords are the words that people put in search engines like Google to search for anything. Suppose you want to buy a personality development course, so you will go to Google and search for ‘best personality development course in Mumbai’. If you use the relevant keywords that people mostly search then your website will rank. The keyword you use should be related to your field not any other.

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