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We create videos that visualize the story of your brand in an incredible way. Our video marketing strategy will help you sky-rocket your marketing performance and accelerate your revenue to an absolutely next level. Research says that companies with a top-notch video marketing strategy covert more customers than the companies who use other medium of marketing rather than video marketing.

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Video marketing increases user understanding of the products or services by 95%.

Take a Look at What the Best Video Marketing Looks Like

Our Video Marketing Strategies To

Generate High Revenue For Your Business


Script Writing

Best video starts with the best script. We first choose the target audience and write the script as per the need and interest of theirs. Then we choose the goal of the video. Before creating the video, it should be clear in your mind that which goal you want to achieve through your video. Then you can write the script keep in mind the purpose of creating the video.



Pre -production plays a vital role in making the video marketing very successful. Before the production of the video, we finalize the script, hire the actors (if the video is non-graphic), find the best locations, determine the kind of equipment needed for the production, figure out the budget, etc. At this stage, we solidify the overall details of the project.



The voice of the video matters a lot as much as the editing to make the video marketing highly successful. For the voice-over of the video we choose the best voice artist who can give the video a life. Videos with the best voice tend to grab the attention of the audience. They love to listen to videos with voices that touch their heart. We use the right tools to make it the best.


Editing & Post-Production

Using our revolutionary video editing skills, we structure and present the video information and visuals in such a way that makes everyone simply fall in love with the video. Once the shooting part of the video is done, we give the finishing touch to the video to make it look and sound appealing. AT this stage, we take care of both the audio and video quality.


YouTube Marketing

Nearly 2.29 billion people are currently using YouTube which makes it one of the best platforms for your business promotion. YouTube marketing is a strategy which involves powerful mix of tactics for promoting your business, products, or services. We will promote your business on YouTube by creating sales-driven promotional videos.


Video SEO

There is no point in creating highly engaging and converting promotional videos if it can’t reach its target audience. Using video seo tactics we will make your video reach out to the masses and attract the right audience towards your business. Using this strategy we will maximize your presence on search and drive traffic towards your videos.

How can

video marketing help your business?

Frequently Asked Questions

Video Marketing is the process of promoting your business, products, or services using video. Video marketing is the best way for your brand to connect with your customers and catch their attention to drive them towards buying your products or services. Video is the most widely used form of media. Video marketing sells like crazy because most of people love to watch videos rather than texts and images.

Video marketing services mean the service of promoting the products or services (also business itself) through the videos. It educates your audience highly and increases the engagement.

The main thing that differentiates video marketing from traditional marketing is the medium using which marketing works are done. In traditional marketing, products or services are marketed or promoted using non-digital platforms like newspaper, billboards, etc. In video marketing, the marketing is done through videos especially animated videos, explainer videos, ad videos, etc.

Working with a video marketing will help you creating engaging and sales-driven videos which will help you in ranking, increase your online presence, build brand loyalty, generate more sales, boost, customer engagement, etc.

Veraz Technology has helped, since years, brands market their products and services that brought them the result they desired. It has already created hundreds of highly sales-driven video for some of the top brands in the market. You can check the video marketing portfolio section to check the past successful video marketing works of Veraz technology.

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