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Drive more sales to your business with our dynamic digital marketing strategies. We will make your business a lead generating gold digger. With years of experience, we create strategies that bring the optimum results with an affordable investment. Build your brand’s voice and dominate your niche with our power-packed strategies.

Did You Know?

78% of Internet users conduct product research online. If you don’t market your products digitally, you will find your business out of the market competition.

Our strategies to bring explosive

results to your business growth


Competitor Analysis

Knowing whom you are competing with in the market helps you come up with better marketing strategies. At Veraz Technology, we conduct thorough competitor analysis of our clients before we start their marketing works. We find the strength and weaknesses of their rivals and then design the marketing plans accordingly.


Ideal Customer Avatar

Before starting marketing, you should have a clear ideas of your target customers like what they want, what is their buying behavior, etc. It is rightly said that a great marketer knows more about a customer than their family does. We first create the detailed profile of the target customers and than applying the marketing strategies on that basis.


Website Development

We make a strong online presence of the businesses by creating a sales-driven website. With killer copywriting and content writing we will transform your brand into a visual story. It helps you engage with your audience effectively. It will build brand credibility. It will also help you in bringing organic traffic, brand awareness, and leads generation.


Content Marketing

We create contents that speak to the right people after discovering what kind of content your target audience wants. Using content calendar we create contents that answer your audience’s questions, build trust, develop relationships, improve conversions, & generate leads. We develop a lasting relationship with audience through regular contents.


Social Media Marketing

With our powerful strategies we will help you connect with your target audience and drive sales across social media platforms like Facebook, Linked In, etc. With our SMART goals, we create plan of actions that build s a strong social presence, attracts the audience, nurtures them to convert them into paying customers for a longer time span.


PPC Advertising

PPC or Pay-Per-Click Advertisement is a form of advertisement where you have to pay each time your ad is clicked by someone. With our dynamic PPC strategies we will help you lower your costs and maximize your conversions on PPC Ads like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc. Our retargeting strategies will help you convert the visitors even if they leave.


Email Marketing

Email marketing lets you talk to your customers directly through their inbox. It is one of the most effective marketing tactics to nurture and engage with your audience throughout the buyer’s journey. Our highly effective email copies will help you land your email from promotion tab to the primary tab. It will nurture your audience on a regular basis.


Video Marketing

Video marketing sells like crazy because most of people love to watch videos rather than texts and images. If you market your products using our powerful video marketing, you can reach to masses and create a huge impact on their mind about your brand. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video has to be worth at least 1.8 million words.


Local Listing

Our Google Listing Optimization service will help you rank higher in the local searches. An updated GMB profile reflects your business and helps your customer in making the buying decision. People, before buying any product or services, search on google. If you rank in the local search results your business will grow exponentially.


Search Engine Optimization

We will help you rank higher in search engines using our proven SEO strategies, With the use relevant keywords, meta tags, and meta descriptions we will help you stand out in the competition. Today’s market is full of competition. This war is won by those who fight with proper equipment. SEO is one of those pieces of equipment.


Landing Page Optimization

We write copies that sell like crazy. If you know how to sell using your words, you can sell anything at any time to anyone at any price. A flourishing copywriting is must when it comes to selling any product or services. A great copywriting also plays a significant role in ranking your website higher in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.


PPC Advertising

Landing page is a specific designed page created for a specific purpose. It is mostly used to sell any product or service. We create landing pages that drive high results with powerful copywriting and call to actions. A landing page helps in converion increase, insights to target audience, grow your email subscriber list. retargeting, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital marketing, also called online marketing, is the process of marketing that uses the internet and online based technologies to promote the products and services of any business and connect with the potential customers.

With the increasing number of internet users, digital marketing will help you spread your brand’s voice to the masses.

The answer is simply no. Digital Marketing is far less expensive than the traditional form of marketing. ROI is literally very high in case of Digital Marketing.

It helps you understand your target audience, their preference, needs, and their buying behavior. It also helps you re-target, track the results, and analyze them which is almost impossible in traditional marketing.

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